Monthly Archives: July 2018

ZAGO – high-tech fasteners and components

US-based ZAGO Manufacturing Company Inc opened 25 years ago and has quickly
positioned itself as a key manufacturer and supplier for contaminant-free high-tech
fasteners and components – using its custom production facility.

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ZAGO Self Sealing Fasteners Optimize NEMA Enclosures

ZAGO’s products have become a critical part of the electrical components supply chain protecting enclosures on products produced in the US, the UK, Europe and Asia. ZAGO’s parts meet environmental requirements set by international standards including ROHS, REACH conflict mineral requirements and the standards set in California Proposition 65. ZAGO’s self-sealing fasteners are inherently green, manufactured with minimal environmental impact and intended to protect the environment in which they are placed as well as the internal workings of the machinery they protect to minimize waste.

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