Monthly Archives: September 2018

ZaGO Adopts ERP to Meet Urgent Customer Requirements

ZAGO Manufacturing Company recently went live with Shoptech ERP system in order to meet growing need among distributors and OEMs for its self-sealing fastener and sealing switch boot products. Having this system will allow ZAGO to be even more responsive to the needs of our distributors, large and small, vying for business in a ever more competitive international markets.

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Smart Sensors Manage Resources And Risks With Intelligence

Recently, Flanders, the northern region of Belgium launched a “smart” water management system based on networked, interconnected sensors. The sensors provide insight into its regions water use, water quality and available water quantity. This is just one of the many ways that intelligent sensors are improving our use of both natural and mechanical resources. But sensors are sensitive! They contain microcontrollers and electronics that can be easily damaged by the infiltration of water, dust and other contaminants.

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