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  • What Happened in Vegas
    ZaGO was delighted to exhibit once again this year at the National Industrial Fasteners & Mill Show at the Las Vegas Sands Expo Center. This was our third year and by far our most successful show. The energy in the Expo center was palpable. Attendance for the show was up, there were more exhibitors than ever and we were happy to see so many of our customers and suppliers. We thank everyone who stopped by to say hello and grab samples and literature and a chocolate or two.... [...]
  • Full Power To Levy War And Conclude Peace
    Because of ZaGO's highly experienced technical staff, exacting quality control and outstanding customer service team, ZaGO has what it takes to lead the sealing fastener industry and will continue to strive for success as it looks toward the future and its next 20 years in business.
    ... [...]
  • Sealing by Design
    Often, the need for a sealing element in product design is an afterthought. Product engineers will design manufacturing processes and parts. And the production process begins. And it is only after that, that parts are leak-tested. Or, a leakage breaks out during production. It is only then that you discover that a sealing element is necessary.
    ... [...]
  • It’s All About the Groove
    It's often said "It's not what you know, but who you know". But this is not the case in the sealing screw industry. More and more, manufacturers of sophisticated equipment large and small (and we mean large and small makers and large and small products!) are coming to ZaGO because of what we know. For our unmatched expertise in manufacturing the best, most effective sealing screws available. And it all begins with the groove.
    ... [...]
  • ZaGo is Now Offering Its Hex Sealing Nuts with Locking Patch — Ultimate Protection with Locking and Sealing in a Single Piece Design
    In many applications sealing and locking go hand in hand; one does not replace the other. When you need to seal in/out liquids or gasses and at the same time resist vibration; your application would benefit from ZaGOs sealing and locking nuts.
    ... [...]
  • Unbeatable Security with ZaGO’s Sealing Screws
    ZaGO offers you the ultimate sealing security with its ultra durable line of sealing screws. Prevent leaks with ZaGO’s advanced technology.
    ... [...]
  • The Ultimate Fortification Against Leaks
    Don't let leaks compromise the integrity of your equipment; prevent leaks with ZaGO’s self sealing nuts.

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The When, Why, What and Who:
A Comparison and Contrast of Our Various Products

Each of our products plays a clear cut role in arming and protecting your mission-critical equipment. Each product is unique, and is built such that it meets very specific requirements. Below, we have drawn up a quick compare and contrast explanation and chart to make sure our products are crystal clear to equipment users and producers across the spectrum.

The Crux of Each Product That We Produce

Self-Sealing Screws

Sealing Screws

Sealing screws are unique screws manufactured specially by ZaGO that have a built-in “O” ring. This powerful “O” ring creates an effective seal around the screw, so that no contaminants can seep into a device, and so that no substances can leak out past the screws. ZaGO produces a number of different types of self-sealing screws, including: Self-Sealing Machine Screws, Self-Sealing Socket Caps & Hex Bolts, Self-Sealing Tamper-Proof Screws, Seal Rivets/Plugs, and Special Seal Screws. The type of equipment you have dictates the kind of self sealing screw that you will need.

Self-sealing screws are utilized by leaders in a number of industries. Professionals who need highly durable and leak-proof fasteners turn to ZaGO every day. For instance, those who use or build fuel tanks would need to use ZaGO’s products to ensure that nothing leaks out of their tanks. Manufacturers of electronic products would need to use our sealing screws to ensure that no dirt or contamination leaks into their devices and damages them. Applications for our self-sealing screws are endless, since all professionals seeking to seal-in substances or seal-out contaminants would need to use our products.

Seal Nuts

Self Sealing Nuts

Our Self seal nuts, much like sealing screws, create a total seal in the otherwise most vulnerable parts of machines, tanks, equipment and so on. Our seal nuts too have a built-in “O” ring devices that gives the seal nut the 360 degree sealing protection it needs to perform under a variety of circumstances. ZaGO manufactures four kinds of seal nuts: High Acorn Nuts, Low Acorn Nuts, Heavy Hex Seal Nuts and Hex Flange Nuts. We can customize seal nuts for you so that they fit your exact specifications.

Self-sealing nuts are critically important in number of circumstances. ZaGO’s sealing nuts replace ordinary nuts in machines and equipment that are exposed to damaging elements such as pressure, oil, water and more. Some of our customers use our ultra high grade sealing nuts to secure hydraulic and fuel systems, while others uses them for instruments in the medical field that are exposed to pressure or bacteria and viruses. In all cases, the idea it of fully protect equipment against leaks in or leaks out due to pressure and/or exposure to contamination.

Switch Boots

Switch Seals

Switch boots, unlike sealing screws and nuts, are designed only to seal things out. Specifically, switch boots are used to protect electronics switches of every kind–push buttons, toggles, rotary switches and so on. Switches are highly sensitive electronic parts that are vulnerable in the face of moisture, dirt, oxidation and contamination of any kind. If damaging particles get into a switch, then an entire device or machine can go down. That’s why it’s so crucial to protect switches with covers that seal out any damaging substances and protect against vibration or pressure. With our products, switches remain clean and functioning optimally. ZaGO offers you a number of switch boots including: Toggle, Push Button & Rotary, Panel Bushing Seals, Multi Switch Panel Covers, Circuit Breaker Cover & Boots and Rocker Switch Boots.

If you have an electronic switch that’s exposed to the elements, then you must keep it defended with a ZaGO switch boot. Whether you have a panel of electronic switches in your boat that need protecting from salt water, wind and bacteria, or whether you have switches on petroleum equipment that need protecting from oil intrusion, we have the solutions. ZaGO’s ultra durable rubber switch boots will fortify your equipment dramatically, and ensure optimal performance for years.

Crystal Seals

Crystal Switch Seals

Our crystal switch seals, much like our boots, act as shields against external contamination. Unlike the switch boots, crystal seals are crystal clear in color to allow you optimal visibility. That’s why they are so great for covering multi switch panels. Wherever switches are supposed to harsh environments, (in most cases outdoor environments) they need air and dust-tight covers. Only ZaGo’s products grant switches such a high degree of protection against contamination. ZaGO produces the following types of crystal seals: Tactile & Dip Switch Seals, Circuit Breaker Seals, Rocker Switch Seals, Full Panel Seals, and Special Rubber Products.

Crystal seals have a variety of applications. Wherever oil, acid, radiation or oxidation threaten the integrity of your switches, you need crystal seals. Producers of military and aerospace equipment, for example, need to keep switches defended in harsh environments, and, likewise, leaders in construction, marine and boating equipment production and many other fields, who need optimal switch functioning in the face of saltwater, dust, and more, count on ZaGO everyday.

Quick Check Comparison Chart

Product General Use Materials Available Customization O-Ring Included Water Proof Special Features Colors
Sealing Screws Used in place of ordinary screws to fortify machinery against leaks in and leaks out Screw: Aluminum, austenitic, copper, brass, monel, steel, titanium. “O” ring: EPDM, Buna-N, Neoprene, Silicone, Fluorosilicone, fluorocarbon A variety or head styles and threading options available, customize the material Yes Yes Seals in and seals out substances, reduces vibration, easy to install, reusable, allows metal to metal contact N/A
Sealing Nuts Used in place of ordinary nuts to fortify machinery against leaks in and leaks out. Material: Screw: Aluminum, austenitic, copper, brass, monel, steel, titanium “O” ring: EPDM, Buna-N, Neoprene, Silicone, Fluorosilicone, fluorocarbon A variety of nut styles and threading options available, customize the material Yes Yes Seals in and seals out substances, reduces vibration, easy to install, reusable, allows metal to metal contact N/A
Switch Boots Used to cover and protect electronic switches from water, oil, bateria, oxidation and other contaminants Silicone Rubber, Nickel Plated Brass Customize the precise size, shape and color N/A Yes Seals out contaminants, Easy to install, reusable, Vibration-resistant mounting, Hardness (available from 30 to 60 durometers) Standard colors and custom colors available, as well as fully transparent designs
Crystal Seals Used to cover and protect electronic switches from water, oil, bateria, oxidation and other contaminants Urethane ASTM D2240/D792 Customize the precise size and shape N/A Yes Seals out contaminants, Easy to install, reusable, excellent flex resistance Clear–for optimal visibility

The Ultimate Shields Against Leaks–on Sea, Land, Sky or Space

All of our products are designed and built to fortify machinery and electronic equipment against oil, water, pressure, contamination, oxidation, radiation, chemicals and more. Machines that necessitate screws, nuts and bolts should be constructed using ZaGO’s sealing screws, sealing bolts and sealing nuts. Electronic equipment in which switches are exposed to the outdoors must be fortified with our switch boots and crystal seals.

Only by using ZaGO’s ultra high grade sealing products will you be able to ensure that your equipment functions properly. Otherwise, without our products, you will find that your equipment will degrade very quickly. Indeed, ordinary fasteners (screws, nuts and bolts) will allow leakage, and uncovered switches will quickly degrade and disrupt proper machines functioning. The results can be catastrophic. Indeed, all too often we hear of petroleum tanks leaking out toxic substances, or motor boat failure due to saltwater intrusion via switches. There is only one way to prevent these problems: fortifying your equipment with ZaGO’s switch boots, crystal seals, sealing boots and sealing nuts.

Don’t wait for issues to arise. Whether you have a pizza business and need to ensure that your oven’s switches are resistant to oil contamination, or whether you manufacture tanks and need vibration and pressure resistant fasteners–call on ZaGO. We will customize our products to fit your exact specifications. Together, we can solve any sealing problem, and and ensure the safety, longevity, and performance of your mission-critical equipment. Contact us now for consultation on your next project, and for an estimate.