Sealing Solutions Serving the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is always seeking to improve safety and performance, reduce environmental impacts and maximize efficiency, which is why aerospace companies rely on ZAGO for this wide range of high-tech sealing fasteners and switch boots. Whether there is a need for tiny sealing screws or oversized bolts, we can provide the sealing part with the appropriate O-ring for the operation involved. Our high-tech sealing fasteners can withstand both extreme cold of the higher atmosphere and the extreme heat of continually operating engines, providing the reliability that is critical to today’s maximally used air fleets, rockets and spacecraft.

With our reputation for precision manufacturing, consistent quality and responsive customer service, we are a leading partner to the aerospace industry. Aerospace customers working with ZAGO know that they will receive a consistently high- quality product. In addition, in an industry where supply chain security is critical, aerospace customers know they can trust the parts ZAGO manufactures and supplies as they are available with consistent documentation and trustworthy traceability. As an ISO 9001 registered company we are able to meet the most exacting demands of our customers using verified standards and procedures for product quality.

Our technical information will guide you regarding the correct material for your fasteners, from screw material choices based on factors of weight, corrosion resistance and strength to O-ring material choices that weigh temperature range compatibility, contaminant exposure and pressure requirements. We also provide you with dimensional data, clearance hole data and torque and installation instructions. All of this information, combined with our in-house technical expertise ensures that you will receive exactly the right sealing solution for your needs.

Technical Resources