ZAGO began in 1994 as a two employee “mom and pop” business in the New Jersey Institute of Technology Enterprise Development Center small business incubator. In 1998 Zago “graduated” from the incubator and moved with seven employees to the Ironbound District of Newark to a rental property which ZAGO quickly outgrew. In 2002 ZAGO bought a 100 year old building in the South Ward of Newark which we have completely renovated over the years to suit our production and administrative needs.

In July 2007 ZAGO became approved to the ISO (International Standards Organization) 9001:2008 management systems, standards and guidelines. Since adopting the standard, ZAGO’s quality control has improved over 100% and our rate of rejection has decreased to well below 1%. It is anticipated that early in 2018 ZAGO will be approved to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

In 2013 ZAGO decided to go “all in” in our Newark facility and installed a 50 Kilowatt solar array on our rooftop. The solar array today plays a substantial part not only in ZAGO’s contribution to environmental sustainability, but also to our economic sustainability. Since installation ZAGO’s energy costs have essentially been zeroed out between savings on our energy bills through net metering and our monthly receipt of SRECS (solar renewable energy credits) and the tax benefits ZAGO earned through the installation.

Meet The Team

At the same time that we are investing in our infrastructure and developing our products and processes, we understand that our economic future also requires investing in our employees. At ZAGO we understand the smartest investment we can make is in the training and education of our employees. Towards that end, in September of 2015 our General Manager Jackie Luciano began her EMBA program at Rutgers Newark School of Business. She successfully completed the program with her MBA in finance in May 2017 and now is our V.P. of Manufacturing Operations.

In addition, we are sending factory workers to classes at local community colleges for courses in tooling, CNC machining and manufacturing, and supporting our sales and marketing associate with her pursuit of a degree in Supply Chain Management at Kean University.

Why ZaGO

11 Reasons Leading OEMs Choose ZaGO Self Seal Screws

  • Seal and tighten
  • IP X6 to IP X8 ingress protection to meet IEC standards
  • Compatible with all environments
  • Reusable…for ease of use
  • Choice of all rubber o-rings to best meet application needs
  • Choice of head styles and recesses
  • Choice of all types of steel material
  • Choice of tamperproof line
  • Optional patch and anti-vibration element
  • Full metal to metal contact
  • Military compliant to satisfy aerospace standards

Our manufacturing team would be pleased to configure a seal screw that is easy to use, complements the appearance of your medical equipment, and meets the latest industry standards.

Committed To the Environment

Our sealing products are inherently green, since they block environmental contaminants like oil and gas from escaping into the biosphere or atmosphere. Leaders in sustainability and alternative energy consistently depend on ZaGO to supply them with sealing products that will protect their marine turbines, solar panels, and other equipment against the elements. Thanks to ZaGO’s sealing products, leaders can make leaps in technology, knowing that their equipment will operate efficiently. We also emphasize sustainable manufacturing practices at ZaGO and have been recognized by the State of New Jersey as a member of its Sustainable Business Registry. We produce materials locally whenever possible, and always aim to reduce waste and recycle. Our efficiency allows us to offer both eco-friendly and competitively priced goods, so that our clients can work towards environmental solutions while reducing costs. ZaGO also recently installed a 200 solar panel array to further reduce energy costs and usage.

Our Vision

We strive to meet every challenge that our clients may face, whether its in an operating room or in a submarine. We envision partnering up with our clients to develop the best solution for every problem. We want to learn from you about your industry, so that we can utilize our expertise to help you flourish. We want to enable innovative leaders from across the spectrum to succeed, and we do so by granting them sealing security. When you know that your most vital equipment will be functioning at its best, then you can focus your energies on other endeavors–like addressing global problems, exploring new frontiers, healing patients, or growing your business.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy here at ZaGO is that in today’s world the goal should not be to “arrive” but rather to constantly improve our manufacturing processes and products. We will continue to strive to find ways not just to meet our customers’ needs, but to always exceed their expectations.

The ZaGO Advantage


Proudly Manufactured in the U.S.A

ZaGO manufactures its products in its state-of-the-art facility in Newark, New Jersey, using the finest possible materials. Every step of the manufacturing process is conducted by our local team, giving us the advantage in rapid production and coordination. We’re also listed with NJ Biz as one of New Jersey’s top manufacturing employers.


Prompt Delivery Worldwide

Because of our central location, we can make daily, timely deliveries throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Our ability to quickly create prototypes, implement adjustments, and begin production means that we have exceptionally short lead times.


Compatible with All Environments

Whatever hazards you face, ZaGO has a sealing solution. Torrential rains, oil intrusions, freezing temperatures or sandstorms–you name it. Our durable products were designed to withstand the most rugged environments, meaning that you can use our fasteners, boots, and crystal seals in virtually any kind of application.


Reusable and Convenient

ZaGO’s products are simply easy to use. We took messy solvents and complex installation and maintenance out of the equation. What you’re left with are one-piece, reusable products that are remarkably quick to install.


Customizable Features

You can customize all the essential features of your products here at ZaGO–from the materials to the colors. As a result of our extensive inventory, advanced equipment, and expert technicians, we offer clients custom-tailored products fitted according to their exact specifications.