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ZaGO was founded in 1993 with a clear mission: To create top-quality sealing products that would serve critical roles in protecting a broad range of equipment. ZaGO’s collection has come to include a variety of self-sealing fasteners, switch boots, and crystal seals. The company is situated in Newark, New Jersey, where it manufactures every one of its products. ZaGO’s international clientele includes military and industry specialists from North America, Central America, South America, Europe and Asia. The company prides itself on the customer service front; ZaGO is always available to work closely with clients one-on-one to devise optimal, customized solutions.

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A Small But Extremely Critical Aerospace Component

The aerospace industry is always seeking to improve safety and performance, reduce environmental impacts and maximize efficiency, which is why aerospace companies rely on ZAGO for its wide range of sealing fasteners, seal washers and switch boots. Whether they need tiny screws or oversized bolts, we can provide the sealing part with the appropriate o-ring for the operation involved. Our sealing fasteners can withstand both the extreme cold of the higher atmosphere and the extreme heat of continually operating engines, providing the reliability that is critical to today’s maximally used air fleets, rockets and spacecraft.

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Attracting More Women to Manufacturing

ZAGO was one of the smallest companies to attend this year’s Women in Manufacturing Summit, but that did not diminish its impact. ZAGO’s Vice President, Gail Friedberg and Vice President of Operations Jackie Luciano mingled with women from some of the largest manufacturers in the U.S. such as ITT, Praxair and GE Appliances. The companies came together to discuss this year’s Summit themes: Support. Promote. Inspire.

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ZaGO Adopts ERP to Meet Urgent Customer Requirements

ZAGO Manufacturing Company recently went live with Shoptech ERP system in order to meet growing need among distributors and OEMs for its self-sealing fastener and sealing switch boot products. Having this system will allow ZAGO to be even more responsive to the needs of our distributors, large and small, vying for business in a ever more competitive international markets.

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Smart Sensors Manage Resources And Risks With Intelligence

Recently, Flanders, the northern region of Belgium launched a “smart” water management system based on networked, interconnected sensors. The sensors provide insight into its regions water use, water quality and available water quantity. This is just one of the many ways that intelligent sensors are improving our use of both natural and mechanical resources. But sensors are sensitive! They contain microcontrollers and electronics that can be easily damaged by the infiltration of water, dust and other contaminants.

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ZaGO Looks Forward to Going Back. To School!

ZAGO Manufacturing Company looks forward with great anticipation to the coming school year. As a community-oriented company, we take very seriously our obligation to invest in our community and our employees. With that in mind, this year we once again supported Elizabeth NJ High School’s Frank J. Cicarell Academy on their trip to the global finals of Destination Imagination where they faced off against high school students from around the country and around the world! We are so proud of their technical team, Pundemic for placing 6th in the world in their main challenge!

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When Secondary is Primary

For ZAGO, secondary processing is part of its primary mission to serve all of the needs of its customers. In addition to the services listed above, ZAGO does cut-down, captivation, drilling and any other process required to ensure that its customers parts are the perfect fit for the purpose for which they are intended.

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ZAGO – high-tech fasteners and components

US-based ZAGO Manufacturing Company Inc opened 25 years ago and has quickly
positioned itself as a key manufacturer and supplier for contaminant-free high-tech
fasteners and components – using its custom production facility.

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ZAGO Self Sealing Fasteners Optimize NEMA Enclosures

ZAGO’s products have become a critical part of the electrical components supply chain protecting enclosures on products produced in the US, the UK, Europe and Asia. ZAGO’s parts meet environmental requirements set by international standards including ROHS, REACH conflict mineral requirements and the standards set in California Proposition 65. ZAGO’s self-sealing fasteners are inherently green, manufactured with minimal environmental impact and intended to protect the environment in which they are placed as well as the internal workings of the machinery they protect to minimize waste.

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ZAGO Self-Sealing Fasteners Take a Deep Dive

ZAGO’s fasteners are available in a wide array of head and recess types, sizes and materials. ZAGO produces its parts in a a cutting edge technology location in Newark, New Jersey a worldwide transportation hub adjacent to the Port of Newark and Newark Airport.

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ZAGO Sealing Hardware Protects Data Centers from Environmental Threats

ZAGO sealing hardware and components not only protect equipment from environmental threats but also protect the environment from potential contaminants leaking electronic equipment. ZAGO fasteners comply with all national and international standards for the restriction of hazardous substances including REACH, ROHS and California’s Prop 65 and so are the best choice for protecting our environment and protecting data centers and other high value assets from environmental threats.

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