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ZAGO – high-tech fasteners and components

US-based ZAGO Manufacturing Company Inc opened 25 years ago and has quickly
positioned itself as a key manufacturer and supplier for contaminant-free high-tech
fasteners and components – using its custom production facility.

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ZAGO Self-Sealing Fasteners Take a Deep Dive

ZAGO’s fasteners are available in a wide array of head and recess types, sizes and materials. ZAGO produces its parts in a a cutting edge technology location in Newark, New Jersey a worldwide transportation hub adjacent to the Port of Newark and Newark Airport.

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ZAGO Sealing Hardware Protects Data Centers from Environmental Threats

ZAGO sealing hardware and components not only protect equipment from environmental threats but also protect the environment from potential contaminants leaking electronic equipment. ZAGO fasteners comply with all national and international standards for the restriction of hazardous substances including REACH, ROHS and California’s Prop 65 and so are the best choice for protecting our environment and protecting data centers and other high value assets from environmental threats.

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