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Dealing with Pressure

The demand for sealing fasteners has never been greater. As equipment becomes more expensive and sophisticated, the need to keep it contaminant free is critical. And as environmental concerns grow, the need for an environmentally sustainable solution to equipment failure is paramount.

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Seal Fasteners Info Sheet

Why You Should Incorporate ZaGO Self-Sealing Fasteners Into Your Next Product Design?


Seal fasteners have been used for over 50 years. Originally designed for the military to protect sensitive electronics, their use has grown to include thousands of commercial applications because sealing fasteners are easy to install, reusable and maintain the desired pressure environment while sealing up gases, liquids and other environmental hazards.


ZāGO Sealing screws and nuts are grooved to support an o-ring sealing element. The groove...

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Winter Is Here–Did You Fit Boots onto Your Switches?

Winter brings with it fresh landscapes, but, at the same time, it also ushers in a host of problems for your electronic switches. Leaving switches out in the cold to face off the likes of snow and sleet is a sure way to ruin electronic devices. That’s why switches, like people, need protective boots that will render them waterproof and totally protected.

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Fasten Your Seatbelts and Seatbelt Your Fasteners

We do a great deal to keep ourselves safe–we wear helmets when cycling, we wear boots when its cold and wet out, and we fasten our seatbelts when we’re on the road. But are people doing enough to protect their equipment? The truth is, a lot of people may be skipping a crucial step when it comes to safeguarding their equipment: using ZaGO’s self-sealing screws.

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