Crystal Switch Seals

Crystal Switch Seals

Crystal Clear Solutions for Protecting Your Switches

With so many unpredictable factors surrounding us, it is crucial to be certain that your switches are fully protected against some of the most damaging substances and processes–such as oil, acid, oxidation and radiation. Don’t take chances with your switches–especially when an economic and convenient product exists on the market. ZaGO’s line of Crystal switch seals eliminates the worry and the hassle associated with maintaining your switches, and lets you focus on the more inspiring things in life, like growing your business.

ZaGO has been in the sealant manufacturing business for 20 years, and, with its accumulated expertise, has developed an unmatched series of Crystal Switch seals. The switches meet military specification, are highly resilient to pressure, moisture, and contaminants, and operate even under the most extreme conditions. We custom-tailor our Crystal switch seals to fit your switches perfectly. Our lead time ranges from 1-2 weeks but if a special need arises we can provide working parts within 1-2 days. ZaGO utilizes a full, in-house machine shop to provide our customers with quick turnaround rates and flexibility when modifying parts is required. Our Crystal switch seal covers are perfectly transparent, so that you can instantly see the status of your switches. Since our Crystal seal coverings are molded to your switches exactly, there is never any need for additional cutouts, and mounting the Crystal switch seal is effortless. Reuse the seals, and enjoy maximum performance from your devices for years.

Don’t take risks with the devices you depend on. Leaders in a wide spectrum of industries have been able to invest in cutting edge equipment thanks to ZaGO’s sealing products. In fact, we have helped leades in renewable energy make the leap to new technology by protecting their equipment. Likewise, specialist in pharmaceutical companies, in military and aerospace equipment, in medical equipment, marine and boating industries, in construction, and other fields depend on ZaGO everyday to ensure that their equipment will not fail. Join us today, and gain confidence in your switches with ZaGO’s Crystal seals.

ZaGO sealing products are available in a wide range of screw materials as well as “o” ring material options.

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The ZaGO Advantage


Proudly Manufactured in the U.S.A

ZaGO manufactures its products in its state-of-the-art facility in Newark, New Jersey, using the finest possible materials. Every step of the manufacturing process is conducted by our local team, giving us the advantage in rapid production and coordination. We’re also listed with NJ Biz as one of New Jersey’s top manufacturing employers.


Prompt Delivery Worldwide

Because of our central location, we can make daily, timely deliveries throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Our ability to quickly create prototypes, implement adjustments, and begin production means that we have exceptionally short lead times.


Compatible with All Environments

Whatever hazards you face, ZaGO has a sealing solution. Torrential rains, oil intrusions, freezing temperatures or sandstorms–you name it. Our durable products were designed to withstand the most rugged environments, meaning that you can use our fasteners, boots, and crystal seals in virtually any kind of application.


Reusable and Convenient

ZaGO’s products are simply easy to use. We took messy solvents and complex installation and maintenance out of the equation. What you’re left with are one-piece, reusable products that are remarkably quick to install.


Customizable Features

You can customize all the essential features of your products here at ZaGO–from the materials to the colors. As a result of our extensive inventory, advanced equipment, and expert technicians, we offer clients custom-tailored products fitted according to their exact specifications.